General Building Consultancy

A General Building Consultant is involved in inspecting Residential, Commercial, Industrial and Strata buildings and providing technical reports such as Condition reports, Delapidation, Causation, Maintenance / Sinking Fund analysis and Repair Scope of Work reports.

An applicant for this category must demonstrate appropriate qualifications, experience and professional indemnity insurance relevant the building consultant profession and area of expertise that is nominated by the applicant.

An annual audit of on-going professional training and re-application for accreditation is applicable to all accredited members.

ASBC Members who are General Building Consultants

    • image-33

    Bill Moisidis

    • image-40

    Chris Dyce

    • image-36

    Darian Percy

    • image-24

    David Hall

  • David Roberts – ASBC Secretary

    • image-20

    Doug Coombes

    • image-54

    Dr John Cunniffe

    • image-21

    Graham Thorpe

  • Haimish McGill

    • image-35

    John Foster

  • John Worthington

    • image-29

    Keith Le Compte

  • Ken Winton

  • Louis Stanton

    • image-32

    Mark Williamson – ASBC President

  • Martin Donelan

  • Michael O’Donnell

    • image-30

    Michael Waddell

    • image-49

    Mr Dale V. Kennedy

  • Neil Monteith

    • image-34

    Robert Taylor

  • Scott Harper

    • image-22

    Steven Nakhla

  • Stuart Bayliss

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