About the ASBC

The ASBC (NSW) is an independent association of dedicated building consultant professionals.

Accredited ASBC Members regularly provide professional consulting services to Consumers, Builders/Contractors, Strata Groups, the Legal Profession and as independent Court Appointed Experts.

The Australian Society of Building Consultants (NSW Chapter) was inaugurated in 1992, following a meeting of a small number of dedicated senior building consultants. The founding members were a dedicated group who believed that the Building Consultant Profession needed an organisation independent of the established building industry entities, where consultancy related topics could be discussed with specialists from their respective fields of expertise. The group included Building Consultants, Engineers, Building material specialists, Solicitors, Barristers and ADR specialists.

The ASBC is now recognised as a leader in the field for the education and advancement of the Building Consultant Profession in New South Wales and is the only independent building consultant organisation registered as a training provider (RTO) with the Construction Industry Training & Advisory Board (CITAB).

All members are required to acknowledge and abide by the Society’s Code of Conduct and Risk Management Procedures.

ASBC Mission Statement

  • To be the leading Professional body providing a high level of services to its members reflecting its ideals for CPD standards and Member ethics
  • To foster industry and community recognition of the high Professional Standards of Business and building practice professionalism of ASBC NSW Members
  • To encourage participation in Education, Training & Qualifications programs to ensure that ASBC NSW Members are perceived as industry leaders in the Building Consultant Profession
  • To inform appropriate professional bodies, associations, firms and people in the community from time to time about the range of services provided by ASBC NSW Members
  • To encourage members that when providing Professional opinions or advice, to ensure that the opinions or advice provided is well informed and without partiality or bias.
  • To provide a forum within which Building Consultant Professionals may meet, discuss and promote matters of interest to Building Consultant Professionals


Consumer Related Services

  • Pre-purchase building inspection reports
  • Timber pest inspection reports
  • General Building maintenance and/or remedial building advice, e.g.: rising damp, water entry, roofing and roof water drainage, site drainage, leaking showers, cracks to buildings, paint or coating defects
  • Dilapidation reports for Council, insurance or maintenance purposes
  • Building work in progress or stage inspections
  • Building project management
  • Structural engineering services
  • Insurance report to support a claim
  • Preparation of remedial cost estimates
  • Inspection of incomplete, defective and/or non-compliant building work for the preparation of a report to be used in a building claim in a tribunal or local/district/supreme Court
  • Preparation of a Scott Schedule setting out the particulars of a building claim.

Builder / Contractor Related Services

  • Independent assessment of a building defects claim where a claim has been brought for incomplete, defective or non-compliant building work
  • Preparation of an independent Expert Report in reply for submission as evidence in a tribunal or local/district/supreme Court 
  • Preparation of a Scott Schedule in reply to a building claim setting out a reasonable alternative cost of remediation or completion
  • Preparation of and adjudication of a payment claim made under the Building & Construction Industry Security of Payment Act
  • Expert Determination of a building Claim.

Strata Group Related Services

  • Independent professional advice in respect to building defects
  • Building Defects diagnosis
  • Building maintenance and/or sinking fund assessment
  • Fire and electrical services assessment
  • Structural engineering service.

Legal Profession Related Services

  • Expert Report
  • Scott Schedule
  • Forensic Contract and/or cost analysis
  • Forensic Building Defects Investigation
  • Preparation of a payment claim or response to a claim made under the Building & Construction Industry Security of Payment Act
  • Expert Determination.

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