Alternative Dispute Resolution

ASBC Members with ADR Expertise

When a builder or owner is in disagreement or dispute, then an expert in building matters can be appointed or assist in explaining what the “claim” is about. Should the problem be more advanced, then the expert can look at the problem and determine if a defect exists and the responsibility for the claim.

Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) is aimed at resolving a dispute between parties without court involvement.

Annual accreditation for each area of ADR is dependent on the individual’s undertaking to maintain training, development and accreditation with the body with which the qualification was issued, eg, IAMA, LEADR or other equivalent recognised organization, and provide to the Society such evidence.

An annual audit of on-going professional training and re-application for accreditation is applicable to all accredited members.

Members with Alternative Dispute Resolution expertise

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    Dr John Cunniffe – ASBC Secretary

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    Graham Thorpe – ASBC President

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