Litigation Support

A Litigation Support Consultant assists in matters before a court or the CTTT, when the builder and owner are required to present expert evidence as to the actual defects being claimed. The expert will need to look at the problem and determine if a defect exists and then write a technical report to support what is a defect and/or what is not a defect. This support does not include a legal opinion.

Annual accreditation as a Litigation Support Consultant requires the individual to demonstrate appropriate expertise, experience and ongoing training and development in the field of support provided.

An annual audit of on-going professional training and re-application for accreditation is applicable to all accredited members.

ASBC Members who provide Litigation Support

  • Andrew Stewart

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    Ben Wilke

    • Bellmont

    Bill Moisidis

    • Informed Building Reports

    Chris Dyce

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    Dale V. Kennedy

    • Aspect Enterprises

    Darian Percy

    • David Hall Building Appraisals

    David Hall

  • David Roberts – ASBC President

    • Doug Coombes Associates

    Doug Coombes

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    Dr John Cunniffe – ASBC Secretary

    • YBI

    Graham Thorpe

  • Haimish McGill

  • Ian Laurie

    • DTS Building Assessments

    John Foster

    • Le Compte Associates

    Keith Le Compte

  • Ken Winton

  • Mark Williamson – ASBC Past President

  • Michael O’Donnell

  • Nick Ferrara

  • Sam Parker

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    Scott Harper

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    Stan Giaouris

  • Stuart Bayliss

  • Troy Melville

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