Accredited Consultants ASBC

Accredited Consultants

Accreditation certificates are presented at the October General meetings to those building consultants that qualify and who are financial by the 31st August.

ASBC Members with current Accredited Consultant Certificates

    Bill Moisidis

    Chris Dyce

    Colin Drinkwater

    Darian Percy

    David Hall

  • David Roberts – ASBC Secretary

    Doug Coombes

    Dr John Cunniffe

    Edward Pinder – ASBC Treasurer

    Graham Thorpe

  • Haimish McGill

    John Foster

    Keith Le Compte

  • Ken Winton

  • Louis Stanton

    Mal Wright

    Mark Williamson – ASBC President

  • Michael O’Donnell

    Mr Dale V. Kennedy

    Peter Moroney

    Robert Taylor

    Scott Harper

    Steven Nakhla

  • Stuart Bayliss

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