A Specialist Building Consultant is a professional consultant such as Engineers, Architects or Material Analyst. Specialist areas include: Coatings Specialist; Dilapidation Reports; Due Diligence/OH&S; Pool Certification (E1); Private Certification; Roofing Specialist; Strata Inspection Reports; and Waterproofing Specialist.

Accreditation of a specialist field requires that the individual provide suitable, current evidence of tertiary qualification, on-going training and certification of current qualification.

An annual audit of on-going professional training and re-application for accreditation is applicable to all accredited members.

ASBC Members who are Specialist Building Consultants

    Bill Moisidis

    Colin Drinkwater

    Darian Percy

    David Hall

  • David Roberts – ASBC Secretary

    John Foster

    Keith Le Compte

  • Ken Winton

    Mr Dale V. Kennedy

    Nicholas Kokolis

  • Philip Wanis

    Robert Taylor

    Scott Harper

  • Stuart Bayliss

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