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Combustible Cladding Seminar Presentation 2

Combustible Cladding Seminar October 2019 Our second presenter at the asbc seminar was Mr Roger Brooks, Architectural Specification Manager HVG Facades. Roger’s presentation questioned the whole concept of testing cladding and called for an Australian cladding system test to be introduced. We need to be talking about the whole wall cladding system that includes cavity protection, glues, and fixings. Here’s Roger’s presentation show. Link to Presentation.

October 20th, 2018|Presentations|

Combustible Cladding Seminar Presentation 1

Combustible Cladding Seminar October 2018 Our first presentation was by the ASBC's honorary solicitor Mr. David Creais, Partner at Bartier Perry Lawyers.  Thank you David, for another informative and interesting presentation to open our seminar. Here’s a copy of David’s slideshow for viewer interest. Link to Video Link to Presentation.

October 19th, 2018|Presentations|



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