The Mission Statement – ASBC (NSW)

To be the leading Professional body providing a high level of services to its members reflecting its ideals for Continuing Professional Development, Professional Standards, and Member Ethics.

To encourage participation in Education, Training and Qualifications programs to ensure that ASBC N.S.W. Members are leaders in the Building Consultant Profession.

To inform appropriate professional bodies, associations, firms, and people in the community from time to time about the range of services provided by ASBC N.S.W. Members.

To encourage members that when providing Professional opinions or advice, to ensure that the opinions or advice provided is well informed and without partiality or bias.

To provide a forum within which Building Consultant Professionals may meet, discuss & promote matters of interest to Building Consultant Professionals.

ASBC Logo hr 2014 seminarBlueThe ASBC (NSW) is a totally independent association of dedicated building consultant professionals.

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