ASBC General Meeting Video Feb 2016

ASBC General Meeting Video Feb 2016


Director – Westox Building Products

23rd  February GM

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Negative membranes & rising damp Westox Building Products is a quality accredited Australian company with over 40 years experience in the repair & conservation of older buildings. Westox has over 60 unique products in support of a large range of building solutions including architectural coatings, restoration, waterproofing and plastering. Positive & Negative Tanking – In conjunction with a damp proof course Tanking is waterproofing for below ground level walls to prevent lateral water penetration.

Barrie showed some photos of failed membranes as examples Liquid applied membranes are the preferred application. Can be used for positive or negative applications. Drainage should be used with positive tanking Internal or negative tanking relies on placing the wall in a stable condition. Any wall that has had a damp problem for any length of time also has a salt issue.

An affective damp proof course at the top of negative tanking is critical. Barrie showed more examples of damp proofing work and techniques used at Bendigo Town Hall and the historic Dubbo Gaol.

Heritage Plaster Restoration

Barrie presented a slide show of inside Bendigo Town Hall showing the restoration work completed by Westox showing different examples using the different mouldings that Westox use – cast, run, case & spun (internal mouldings). He then also showed examples of external mouldings he had made, step by step.

About Dale Kennedy - Accredited Consultant

Member - President 2017 - Current
Member - President 2013 - 2015

Dale is a proactive advocate for the building inspection and consulting industry in Australia & New Zealand. He has over 35 years commercial and residential building experience in Australia and is the founding director of Alpha Building Services Pty Ltd. Dale has built this business from start up to become a well respected Australian inspection company.

Dale is an enthusiastic supporter of the 3D Inspection System and enjoys helping other inspectors achieve the most from their reporting software. Dale’s unique ability to understand inspectors reporting needs has enabled him to offer education, training and support for the 3D Inspection System software to users in the Australia & New Zealand region.

Dale is a 3D Inspection System Authorised Distributor and is the founding member of 3D Users Australia & New Zealand. Dale also convened the first 3D Users Conference Australia in March 2012, Sydney. He followed on by providing another 3D event in October 2012 and again on the Gold Coast in August 2013. These conferences have become a regular event providing a forum for 3D users to network with like-minded inspectors from all over Australia and New Zealand.