Seminar 2018 – October 16th

Seminar 2018 – October 16th

Combustible Cladding

Mr. David Creais

Our first presentation was by the asbc’s honorary solicitor Mr. David Creais, Partner at Bartier Perry Lawyers.  Thank you, David, for another informative and interesting presentation to open our seminar. Here’s a copy of David’s slideshow for viewer interest. Link to Video Link to Presentation.

Mr Roger Brooks

Our second presenter at the asbc seminar was Mr Roger Brooks, Architectural Specification Manager HVG Facades. Roger’s presentation questioned the whole concept of testing cladding and called for an Australian cladding system test to be introduced. We need to be talking about the whole wall cladding system that includes cavity

protection, glues, and fixings.

What did you think? Here’s Roger’s presentation show. Link to Presentation.

Mr Pelle Zetterstrom

The third presentation was delivered by Mr Pelle Zetterstrom Technical Director, Fire Engineering GHD.  Pelle again introduced the concept of assessing the wall system as opposed to just the cladding used. He raised the inclusion of the environment where the cladding is to be used. Interesting. here’s Pelle’s presentation show for your interest. Link to Presentation.

Mr Dean Morton

The fourth presenter at the asbc seminar was Mr Dean Morton, Director, Technical Inner Sight Pty Ltd.  Dean brought us back to the BCA and what is the definition is an external wall. This blew us away and it was not at all what we thought it was.  Great to hear a certifiers point of view and he introduced the thought that insurance companies may be reluctant to insure buildings with suspected combustible cladding. Here’s Dean’s presentation, enjoy! Link to Presentation.

Mr Mark Glynn

The fifth and final presentation was by Mr Mark Glynn, Senior Associate, Building and Construction, Bartier Perry Lawyers. This was an ‘icing on the cake’ type of presentation for the day. Mark’s presentation brought all the previous talks together and put a legal spotlight on combustible cladding. Combustible cladding register, self-assessment, the owners required to disclose before selling and so so much more.

Overall a tremendously informative presentation and here it is! Link to Presentation.





ASBC Opening and Welcome Speech April 2014 Seminar

ASBC Opening and Welcome Speech April 2014 Seminar – Dale Kennedy President

1992,  30 to 40 Building Consultants, led by Geoff King (retired), came together in Parramatta NSW to discuss forming a Professional Building Consultants organisation.

At that time, there was associations like the Masters Builders Association (MBA) and Housing Industry Association (HIA), these associations represented Builders. The Builders Licensing Board were receiving consumer complaints. There became a need for independent advice to prevent and or support litigation relating to builders.

For Building Consultants, who often had matters arising from builders’ actions, being a member of a builders association felt like a conflict of interest?

Geoff King’s idea was to ‘get away’ from aligning themselves with a trade based association.

In 1993, 25 members of the original group formed, The Australian Society Of Building Consultants, an independent professional organisation representing Building Consultants who can act for builder and client on equal terms. They developed a code of ethics and constitution that is still used today.

Today, 22 years after inception, we still have 5 active Founding members;

Richard Blakey

Arch Tanti

John Worthington

Warren Holley

Neil Monteith

David Hall

Please join me in putting our hands together to thank these men for their valuable contribution to the Society …

I take great pleasure in welcoming you all to our Seminar today.