April 2017 Legal Update

April 2017 Legal Update

Thanks to Mr Davis Creais – Bartier Perry Sydney BSW

Legal Update

11th April 2017

Presentation Link: Guide to Standards and Tolerances

NEW version Guide to Standards and Tolerances  Video Link here

Mr Creais advised that the Office of Fair Trading produced a new version of the Guide to Standards and Tolerances in March and that it is available for downloading from its website. Is the Guide law, do we have to follow it? The Guide does not have legal weight but it can influence court cases, be used as a reference or on site. It does not have the same weight as the BCA. However, the BCA doesn’t cover everything and the Guide tries to fill in the gaps. The Guide can be used in mediation or in disputes. It can be put into agreements or contracts as a reference as to the standard of work required? Mr Creais recommended that members take a look at the new version.

ASBC General Meeting Video Feb 2016

ASBC General Meeting Video Feb 2016


Director – Westox Building Products

23rd  February GM

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Presentation Link: Tanking

Negative membranes & rising damp Westox Building Products is a quality accredited Australian company with over 40 years experience in the repair & conservation of older buildings. Westox has over 60 unique products in support of a large range of building solutions including architectural coatings, restoration, waterproofing and plastering. Positive & Negative Tanking – In conjunction with a damp proof course Tanking is waterproofing for below ground level walls to prevent lateral water penetration.

Barrie showed some photos of failed membranes as examples Liquid applied membranes are the preferred application. Can be used for positive or negative applications. Drainage should be used with positive tanking Internal or negative tanking relies on placing the wall in a stable condition. Any wall that has had a damp problem for any length of time also has a salt issue.

An affective damp proof course at the top of negative tanking is critical. Barrie showed more examples of damp proofing work and techniques used at Bendigo Town Hall and the historic Dubbo Gaol.

Heritage Plaster Restoration

Barrie presented a slide show of inside Bendigo Town Hall showing the restoration work completed by Westox showing different examples using the different mouldings that Westox use – cast, run, case & spun (internal mouldings). He then also showed examples of external mouldings he had made, step by step.