Seminar 2018 – October 16th

Seminar 2018 – October 16th

Combustible Cladding

Mr. David Creais

Our first presentation was by the asbc’s honorary solicitor Mr. David Creais, Partner at Bartier Perry Lawyers.  Thank you, David, for another informative and interesting presentation to open our seminar. Here’s a copy of David’s slideshow for viewer interest. Link to Video Link to Presentation.

Mr Roger Brooks

Our second presenter at the asbc seminar was Mr Roger Brooks, Architectural Specification Manager HVG Facades. Roger’s presentation questioned the whole concept of testing cladding and called for an Australian cladding system test to be introduced. We need to be talking about the whole wall cladding system that includes cavity

protection, glues, and fixings.

What did you think? Here’s Roger’s presentation show. Link to Presentation.

Mr Pelle Zetterstrom

The third presentation was delivered by Mr Pelle Zetterstrom Technical Director, Fire Engineering GHD.  Pelle again introduced the concept of assessing the wall system as opposed to just the cladding used. He raised the inclusion of the environment where the cladding is to be used. Interesting. here’s Pelle’s presentation show for your interest. Link to Presentation.

Mr Dean Morton

The fourth presenter at the asbc seminar was Mr Dean Morton, Director, Technical Inner Sight Pty Ltd.  Dean brought us back to the BCA and what is the definition is an external wall. This blew us away and it was not at all what we thought it was.  Great to hear a certifiers point of view and he introduced the thought that insurance companies may be reluctant to insure buildings with suspected combustible cladding. Here’s Dean’s presentation, enjoy! Link to Presentation.

Mr Mark Glynn

The fifth and final presentation was by Mr Mark Glynn, Senior Associate, Building and Construction, Bartier Perry Lawyers. This was an ‘icing on the cake’ type of presentation for the day. Mark’s presentation brought all the previous talks together and put a legal spotlight on combustible cladding. Combustible cladding register, self-assessment, the owners required to disclose before selling and so so much more.

Overall a tremendously informative presentation and here it is! Link to Presentation.





Timber Flooring Expert – Presentation 19th June 2018

Phil Buckley – Australasian Timber Flooring Association

Presentation to ASBC on 19th June 2018

Link to the presentation video

Phil’s presentation will focus on Common Measurable Issues with timber floors that most people miss.
Phil has extensive experience in installation of all flooring types, in-depth technical knowledge and has earned the reputation as one of Australia’s leading minds when dealing with timber flooring projects & problems.

Tile Expert – Colin Cass’s Presentation

Tile Expert – Colin Cass’s Presentation

Mr. Colin Cass – Tile Expert

Principal, Techtile Consulting Pty Ltd

Also presenting, Mr. Christopher Repeti – Project Manager Stone Concept Maintenance Group

Presentation to the ASBC General Meeting on 17th April 2018 – Link to Presentation

Assessing problems with Tiles and Stone – This presentation aims to improve how building consultants assess and report on tile and stone problems. It will cover some of the most common mistakes made relating to defects such as drummy tiles, efflorescence, stone staining and tile rectification options such as “injection”. A brief overview of the big changes coming to tile and stone installation will also be covered.


April 2017 Legal Update

April 2017 Legal Update

Thanks to Mr Davis Creais – Bartier Perry Sydney BSW

Legal Update

11th April 2017

Presentation Link: Guide to Standards and Tolerances

NEW version Guide to Standards and Tolerances  Video Link here

Mr Creais advised that the Office of Fair Trading produced a new version of the Guide to Standards and Tolerances in March and that it is available for downloading from its website. Is the Guide law, do we have to follow it? The Guide does not have legal weight but it can influence court cases, be used as a reference or on site. It does not have the same weight as the BCA. However, the BCA doesn’t cover everything and the Guide tries to fill in the gaps. The Guide can be used in mediation or in disputes. It can be put into agreements or contracts as a reference as to the standard of work required? Mr Creais recommended that members take a look at the new version.

ASBC General Meeting Video June 2016

ASBC General Meeting Video June 2016

Thanks to Mr Paul Clarkson SLR Logo

Senior Consultant – Hazardous Materials at SLR
21st June 2016

MrClarkson _ MrFluffy



Presentation Link: MR.FLUFFY


THE ‘DO’S’ AND THE ‘DO NOT’S’  Video Link here

What to do if you suspect roof cavity may contain loose fill asbestos insulation:

  • Prior to attending, DO request information to indicate if an asbestos survey has been completed
  • DO NOT enter the roof cavity – internal or external access.
  • DO NOT advise an occupant to or attempt to obtain a sample of the material.
  • PROFESSIONAL DUTY OF CARE DO inform the property owner there is potential for loose fill asbestos insulation within the roof cavity.
  • DO seek advice and assistance from a licensed asbestos assessor.
ASBC General Meeting Video Feb 2016

ASBC General Meeting Video Feb 2016


Director – Westox Building Products

23rd  February GM

Video Icon


Presentation Link: Tanking

Negative membranes & rising damp Westox Building Products is a quality accredited Australian company with over 40 years experience in the repair & conservation of older buildings. Westox has over 60 unique products in support of a large range of building solutions including architectural coatings, restoration, waterproofing and plastering. Positive & Negative Tanking – In conjunction with a damp proof course Tanking is waterproofing for below ground level walls to prevent lateral water penetration.

Barrie showed some photos of failed membranes as examples Liquid applied membranes are the preferred application. Can be used for positive or negative applications. Drainage should be used with positive tanking Internal or negative tanking relies on placing the wall in a stable condition. Any wall that has had a damp problem for any length of time also has a salt issue.

An affective damp proof course at the top of negative tanking is critical. Barrie showed more examples of damp proofing work and techniques used at Bendigo Town Hall and the historic Dubbo Gaol.

Heritage Plaster Restoration

Barrie presented a slide show of inside Bendigo Town Hall showing the restoration work completed by Westox showing different examples using the different mouldings that Westox use – cast, run, case & spun (internal mouldings). He then also showed examples of external mouldings he had made, step by step.

Expert Witness Series

Expert Witness Series

The Report

Neil MonteithPresented by Neil Monteith

Neil Monteith has been consulting since July 1985 and has appeared in most NSW jurisdictions as an Expert Witness.  Neil is a founding member of the ASBC which commenced in 1993. Neil will be presenting a series of Expert Witness educational sessions at our general meetings. The next session will be all about THE REPORT will cover:

  • Format of a report for litigation.
  • Necessary inclusions in the report.
  • The Experts obligations
  • Photo inclusions
  • Opinions of the Expert.
  • Definition of an Expert.

The hidden costs of not getting a pre purchase inspection

There will also be a an interesting PPI presentation by ASBC Associate Member Colin Drinkwater. This brief presentation will be on “The hidden costs of not getting a pre purchase inspection”.

Colin DrinkwaterThe next meeting is on Tuesday 8th December 2015 at 7.00am at the Novotel Sydney Norwest Hotel.

Breakfast meeting details:
Where:  Novotel Sydney Norwest Hotel, Cnr Norwest Blvd & Windsor Rd, Baulkham Hills
When:   Tuesday 8th December 2015
Time:     7.00am
Cost:     * Complimentary   or
       * Returning non-members there is a $50 fee payable to the treasurer, Mr Ed Pinder.

Would you please let Jo Cooper know (details below) by no later than this Friday 4th December 2015 whether or not you will be attending, for catering purposes.

Jo Cooper
Administration Officer
Australian Society of Building Consultants
Presentation to Warren Holley – Founding Fellow

Presentation to Warren Holley – Founding Fellow

The Australian Society of Building Consultants took great pleasure in recognising Mr Warren Holley for his contribution to our Society and its members.  Warren is a founding member of the ASBC when it was established in 1992. He has provided valuable professional guidance to the ASBC and its members for these past 22 years. Warren is now retired from Consulting and his company W.J. Holley Constructions Pty Ltd.

Mr Warren Holley being recognised for outstanding service to The Australian Society of Building Consultants. Presentation by Dale Kennedy the President and the Executive Committee of ASBC on 5th November 2014.

Mr Warren Holley being recognised for outstanding service to The Australian Society of Building Consultants. Presentation by Dale Kennedy, President and the Executive Committee of ASBC on 5th November 2014.The Executive Committee and Members  would like to thank Mr Warren Holley for his service to The Australian Society of Building Consultants wish him  and his wife Robin all the very best for the future.

August 2014 AGM – Guest speaker

August 2014 AGM – Guest speaker

The Annual General Meeting for the  was held on Tuesday the 19th August 2014. A special thanks to the guest speaker in the day, Mr Craig Burley from Control Line Consulting.

ASBC President Dale Kennedy thanking Craig Burley Control Line Consulting

ASBC President Dale Kennedy thanking Craig Burley Control Line Consulting

Pre purchase assessments – Craig personally feels it is important to be diligent in bushfire prone areas and pre purchase assessments should be mandatory. As an example of where Members would get involved Craig referred to a bushfire prone land map slide on the screen showing bushfire prone areas. which gave great explanation.

He further discussed Risk Determination, Fire Behaviour, Mechanisms of Bushfire Attack, Radiant Heat, Ember Attack, Direct Flame Contact and Fire Behaviour.

Ember Attacks – Cause approximately 65% of building loss with house losses recorded up to 600m away. He spoke about the Guideline AS 3959-2009 Construction of buildings in bushfire prone areas and Planning for Bush Fire Protection 2006.

• Process to determine the Bushfire Attack Level (BAL)

• Deemed to Satisfy Provisions – Construction only

• NSW variation Addendum to Appendix 3 of Planning for

Bush Fire Protection 2006 Alternate Solutions

• BPAD – A Certified Practitioner (FPAA)

NSW variation Addendum to Appendix 3 of Planning for Bush Fire Protection 2006

• Sarking – Flammbility Index not greater than 5 all BALs

• Subfloor supports

• Elevated floors

• Verandahs, decks, steps, ramps and landings

Essentially applies BAL 29 requirements for BAL 12.5 & 19 (Full, comprehensive presentation on file & available to Members)

Control Line Consulting Logo

ASBC Opening and Welcome Speech April 2014 Seminar

ASBC Opening and Welcome Speech April 2014 Seminar – Dale Kennedy President

1992,  30 to 40 Building Consultants, led by Geoff King (retired), came together in Parramatta NSW to discuss forming a Professional Building Consultants organisation.

At that time, there was associations like the Masters Builders Association (MBA) and Housing Industry Association (HIA), these associations represented Builders. The Builders Licensing Board were receiving consumer complaints. There became a need for independent advice to prevent and or support litigation relating to builders.

For Building Consultants, who often had matters arising from builders’ actions, being a member of a builders association felt like a conflict of interest?

Geoff King’s idea was to ‘get away’ from aligning themselves with a trade based association.

In 1993, 25 members of the original group formed, The Australian Society Of Building Consultants, an independent professional organisation representing Building Consultants who can act for builder and client on equal terms. They developed a code of ethics and constitution that is still used today.

Today, 22 years after inception, we still have 5 active Founding members;

Richard Blakey

Arch Tanti

John Worthington

Warren Holley

Neil Monteith

David Hall

Please join me in putting our hands together to thank these men for their valuable contribution to the Society …

I take great pleasure in welcoming you all to our Seminar today.