April 2017 Legal Update

April 2017 Legal Update

Thanks to Mr Davis Creais – Bartier Perry Sydney BSW

Legal Update

11th April 2017

Presentation Link: Guide to Standards and Tolerances

NEW version Guide to Standards and Tolerances  Video Link here

Mr Creais advised that the Office of Fair Trading produced a new version of the Guide to Standards and Tolerances in March and that it is available for downloading from its website. Is the Guide law, do we have to follow it? The Guide does not have legal weight but it can influence court cases, be used as a reference or on site. It does not have the same weight as the BCA. However, the BCA doesn’t cover everything and the Guide tries to fill in the gaps. The Guide can be used in mediation or in disputes. It can be put into agreements or contracts as a reference as to the standard of work required? Mr Creais recommended that members take a look at the new version.

About Dale Kennedy - Accredited Consultant

Member - President 2017 - Current
Member - President 2013 - 2015

Dale is a proactive advocate for the building inspection and consulting industry in Australia & New Zealand. He has over 35 years commercial and residential building experience in Australia and is the founding director of Alpha Building Services Pty Ltd. Dale has built this business from start up to become a well respected Australian inspection company.

Dale is an enthusiastic supporter of the 3D Inspection System and enjoys helping other inspectors achieve the most from their reporting software. Dale’s unique ability to understand inspectors reporting needs has enabled him to offer education, training and support for the 3D Inspection System software to users in the Australia & New Zealand region.

Dale is a 3D Inspection System Authorised Distributor and is the founding member of 3D Users Australia & New Zealand. Dale also convened the first 3D Users Conference Australia in March 2012, Sydney. He followed on by providing another 3D event in October 2012 and again on the Gold Coast in August 2013. These conferences have become a regular event providing a forum for 3D users to network with like-minded inspectors from all over Australia and New Zealand.